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Week 3/52: Goals Check-in

At the end of each week, for my accountability I am going to check on the progress of my goals. Let’s see how this week went:

  • Log my food & exercise. CHECK! I am still going strong with My Fitness Pal. This week all days were at or below my calorie goal! I noticed my calorie goal decreased from 1410 to 1330. I thought at first it was because I adjusted my exercise goals, but I think it was because I lost so much weight. The one really nice thing is that when I exercise I have a few extra calories to play with. And remember, if you use My Fitness Pal, please add me (dizzymomma) as a friend so we can keep each other motivated!
  • Follow my E-mealz Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! I did some cooking and quite a few leftovers this week. Almost everything was really yummy, but I especially enjoyed the Italian burgers made with Italian dressing, onion and ground round. We had them on English muffins and it was quite tasty. I have struggled this week to keep myself satisfied, especially this past weekend. I just wanted to eat junk! I am sure part of it was I didn’t exercise either Saturday or Sunday and our days are a lot less structured… TV watching = snacking = danger! Saturday I was so upset with my urges to eat junk I just refused to eat anything snacky and ended up crying over how unfair it was that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted. Then because I didn’t eat, My Fitness Pal warned me I ate too few calories….damned if I do eat, damned if I don’t.
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar. Nope, I’m starting this in February. Still forming my plan of attack. I contacted my friend Rachel who eliminated sugar for two months. She had some good recommendations: Eliminate a few things at a time, then when you’re ready gradually add them back but in moderate amounts. She also reminded me of a great book I read last year called Never Say Diet by Chantal Hobbs. I think I may have to dedicate an entire post in praise of this book, but it’s an amazingly inspirational story and diet and exercise program. I need to revisit it this week in preparation for eliminating sugar.
  • Exercise 5 days a week. Will I ever accomplish this goal? Sheesh… I started out great this week. Knee felt pretty good but then Wednesday it was bothering me again, but maybe that was because I upped the treadmill a little too much or because I decided it felt so good I didn’t need to take my anti inflammatory. But at any rate, I was frustrated by my step backwards, so to speak. Friday I knew I would have a day off because I was going to a workshop and it was starting early! Then enter conjunctivitis…. Yes, thank you dear toddler son for sharing nothing except your germs. Next time please keep your pink eye to yourself. No workshop for me, but a doctor’s visit instead. My eye was still all oozy on Saturday so I thought it best not to go spread my goodness with the other gymmers. So after four days off from walking my knee felt great today as I exercise and I was able to do some interval walking, upping the treadmill all the way to 3.3! I felt pretty good, but still surprised how difficult it seemed considering I was walking that briskly before Christmas.
  • Participate in a 5K. Nope – I’ll have to wait until May/June to accomplish this one! Registration opens this Wednesday for the Color Run! Who’s in???
  • Get more sleep. I did manage to go to bed by 10:00 pm Friday…maybe because I took NyQuil and felt crappy, but I still accomplished my goal one day!
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight. CHECK!! I have blogged several times this week. Hope you have been following!
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks. Well, I ordered a new scale tonight… Read my earlier post from today to find out why. But since I am in charge here, I have ruled that I lost two pounds this week. I HOPE that is accurate… And I am getting a pedicure!! Next reward up is a new piece of workout clothing! TEN down, 42 to go!!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?



Let me vent….

These scales at the gym are crap! Since I am never satisfied with weighing on just one scale, and have to prepare myself for disappointment, I weighed on my super non calibrated bathroom scales. While it may not show an accurate number, it does show ups and downs. Today a down by a couple of pounds. Whoo hoo! So now I am at the gym to find out my calibrated number… But this @%**#%* scale shows I have GAINED four pounds. I refuse to believe that! But I do believe I really need to find something consistent AND accurate. I think I will be perusing Amazon tonight for a new set for home.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Week 3/52… Stay tuned

Since procrastination is my new best friend, I spent this evening catching up on work instead of reflecting on the week.  And… (I don’t know if you can see the time stamp on this) it is waaay past my new bedtime, plus I still have a few things to do to get ready for the week. Ugh… always going…

Anyway, I have high hopes that this will be the week I get to schedule my pedicure for losing 10 pounds!  I just finished filling out my food diary for today on My Fitness Pal and I am 600 calories under my goal for the week!  Surely that should equate to something…

More reflecting tomorrow.

Nighty night…


I have decided to type up a post to keep myself from eating. I have a few calories left for today according to My Fitness Pal, but all I want to eat is junk! And I am sure I don’t have enough calories left for junk. I mean I actually told my husband earlier that I wanted to jump in a big vat of chocolate and eat my way out… I don’t usually get that extreme, but these cravings seem to happen about this time every night. I have stuck to my plan for eating all day, drank all my water, exercised, but then I get on my phone or the computer and there are everybody’s damn pins on Pinterest staring me in the face…. Fried chicken to die for, the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, 100 different ways to make treats with brownies, cake ideas, etc…. And suddenly I have never been more hungry or dying for sweets in my whole life!! I get this tingling on my tongue; sometimes I swear I can actually smell whatever yummy goddness is being pinned and what I feel like is actual genuine hunger. Am I really hungry? Or am I sugar addicted? I know I could go through and unfollow these friends pinboards, but I feel like I should be able to overcome these cravings. I mean someday I’m going to be able to enjoy these foods without worrying about going over a calorie goal, so I can’t just ignore these recipes, right? Ugh… What’s a chocolate craving girl to do??

What do you do to overcome cravings?

Brain dead

I have all these great ideas about what I want to blog about… When I am nowhere near a computer. Now I am tired and have no idea what it was I wanted to write about earlier…

This isn’t it, but….
I am frustrated with the progress of my knee healing. I was excited on Tuesday when I was able to walk at 3.0 for several minutes. I felt good! Today was a different story: I was hobbling along at 2.4 and my knee has been sore all day. Hoping tomorrow will be less frustrating.

My friends all seem to be able to see the glass half full and continue to encourage me. In no way am I giving up, just ready to see some changes on the scale and with my knee!

….Maybe tomorrow I will remember what I really wanted to write about.

Watchin’ my Progress

I found a fantabulous idea on Pinterest the other day to track your weight loss progress.  I loved the idea so much I went out today and bought the materials I needed to make it.  It was so easy!

Materials needed:

2 matching vases (I ended up buying ones bigger than I needed, but didn’t want to go through returning them, so I just modified my plan)

Marbles/gems in various colors

Stick on scrapbook letters

Using the stick-on scrapbook letters, label one vase “Pounds to Go” and the other “Pounds Lost”.  Fill your “Pounds to Go” vase with your gems.  Then as you lose weight, move a marble per pound over to the “Pounds Lost” vase.

My vases were much larger than I realized, so after I put in a marble to represent each pound I would lose, the vase was hardly filled. I finally figured out to make it visually interesting, I would have to fill it with four times as many marbles as pounds I have to lose.  Then I would move four marbles over for every pound lost.  I love seeing that the bottom of “Pounds Lost” is already covered!

Week 2/52: Goals Check-in

At the end of each week, for my accountability I am going to check on the progress of my goals.  Let’s see how this week went:

  • Log my food & exercise. CHECK! Using My Fitness Pal, I have logged in everyday since starting my journey!  I had two days over my calorie goal of 1410 calories/day – one day by THREE whole calories (geez, Louise!) and the other day you just have to read about here. All other days have been at or just below the goal.  If you use My Fitness Pal, please add me (dizzymomma) as a friend so we can pump each other up!   
  • Follow my E-mealz Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! I really didn’t even have to cook much this week.  We had several meals of leftovers from the previous week’s E-Mealz that I only had to cook a few nights. Tonight’s dinner was especially yummy and easy!  I would highly suggest checking out some of the Hormel pork tenderloins that come packaged in marinade (I didn’t check, but I imagine the sodium is probably a little on the high side, so a word of warning if you are watching sodium).  45 minutes at 350 and yummmmmm.  We had sugar snap peas and a warm cranberry-apple salad on the side… sing it with me: Soooo good!  BTW, if you do not yet subscribe to E-mealz, check out their numerous plan options.  I am not a paid endorser: their service truly is fabulous!
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar.  Nope, I’m starting this in February.  But I do need to do some thinking about a good way to go about this.  I’m thinking of just eliminating added/unnecessary sugars – such as pop, sprinkled on sugar, etc.  I have a good friend who also did this for two months I believe.  I will contact her this week for advice and how to start.
  • Exercise 5 days a week.  Well, let me update you on my knee… first, you can read about my doctor’s appointment Monday.  Since Monday I have had much increased flexibility in my knee.  Pain comes and goes, but since the doctor did say I probably strained it I am sure the ligaments or muscles or whatever I strained are still healing.  I have managed to get the treadmill all the way up to 2.5 without feeling discomfort, so hoping to nudge it closer to 3.0 mph by the end of this week.  I did not exercise this weekend, so I managed to exercise 4 days this week.  Saturday I had intentions of exercising, but we were supposed to have a new hot water heater installed.  I did not want to be hanging around the house with my little boy for this fun, so we headed out to do our weekly errand running.  So at least I wasn’t sitting on my booty doing nothing. And did the hot water heater get installed?? Nope… tomorrow (3rd time’s a charm!)
  • Participate in a 5K. Nope – I’ll have to wait until May/June to accomplish this one!  When I went to the gym on Friday I learned about another 5K being offered at the end of March in my area.  There’s the option to participate in a 2 mile walk instead of a 5K, so I will see where I am in my 5K training when the registration deadline gets closer before I decide.  Either way I am going to participate!
  • Get more sleep.  Fail – My goal is in bed by 10:00 pm.  I still cannot get there by 10:00!  I am usually in bed by 10:30, but I am now wrapped up in The Help. (Have you read this book?  It is so good!  I want to finish reading it so I can see the movie.) Which means I am not actually turning off the light to sleep until 11:00.  5:00 a.m. gets here way too soon!
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight.  CHECK!!  I have blogged several times this week.  Hope you have been following!
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks.  ON MY WAY!! I was super excited when I weighed in on Tuesday at the gym that I had lost EIGHT pounds in my first week!  I am not going to expect that large of a number every week, but hope for about 2 pounds this week and then about 1 a week after that.  So, eight down, 44 to go!!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?

Rewarding Myself

For the last few days I have been contemplating rewards I can give myself when I achieve a short-term goals. I am trying hard to avoid anything food related, but I am really struggling. Not so much to come up with anything non-food, but to think of something inspiring and motivating. I have thought of a few, so I need to get them down on… paper… so to speak.

Updated 1-22-12 (Modified with some ideas per my good friend Gretchen)

Here’s what I have so far:
10 lbs. pedicure – my tootsies have been working hard so they need some pampering!
15 lbs. new piece of workout clothing
20 lbs. date night with my hubby – dinner along with something active like bowling
25 lbs. new workout shoes
30 lbs. new outfit for work
35 lbs. mani-pedi
40 lbs. new hairstyle or color/highlights
45 lbs. spa day – massage, facial, pedi (aka THE WORKS)
52 lbs. facial laser hair removal!

As you can tell, there are some big gaps in my reward system. Please help me out and leave your reward suggestions below in the comments. If I use one of your suggestions you win the satisfaction of knowing you helped me out! Hahaha…. Or you can come workout with me!

I am always open to more suggestions, so let me know your thoughts!

Big oops, but I have to laugh!

Thank goodness it is early in the week!  I just made a huge oops with my dinner choice.  Because that’s what it is – all about choices!  After entering all of my foods I had eaten thus far today into My Fitness Pal, I had almost half of my calories for the day left!  Woohoo!  I knew we had planned a very light leftovers meal for dinner, but I also knew my husband had been awarded employee of the month today.  I wanted to celebrate. (No lectures please on not celebrating with food, I will tackle that issue a little later in this journey.)  So I texted my husband and asked if he wanted Taco Bell, McDonald’s or Subway for dinner, knowing that I could access their nutrition information online and find a smart choice for dinner.  My hubby texted back that he wanted Taco Bell.  I quickly got on Taco Bell’s website and looked at my choices.  I was thrilled to do the calculations and discover I could eat an entire chalupa meal, diet drink and still have calories leftover.  I wondered how this could be knowing the shells of the chalupa are fried, that there’s beef, cheese & sour cream… but hey, the nutrition facts looked good.  I thought I was making a great choice!  Then when I went to enter this information in My Fitness Pal, the numbers were coming up waaaay different from the nutrition information.  So I went back to Taco Bell’s nutrition information and uh-oh… I looked at the completely wrong information!!!  The numbers in the first column that I thought were calorie numbers were actually the weight of the item!  The second column is the calorie information… ugh… I was seriously off on my calorie count. I can’t help but laugh though because how ridiculous did it seem that a chalupa could be less than 200 calories. Live & learn!!

In better news, my workout went well this morning despite feeling like I was strolling instead of walking.  I could not walk faster than 2.3 mph or my knee let me know it was too fast.  Hoping in a couple of days I can walk maybe 2.4 or 2.5.  Baby steps… literally.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My knee has slowly been getting better but I was still concerned I may have torn something, so I made an appointment to see my doctor today. Thankfully I had the day off so I didn’t have to take a sick day off for something probably caused by my own stupidity!

It was good news at the doctor! There is nothing seriously wrong with my knee. The doctor suspects I probably overused it (gee, maybe it was that running at 5 mph I did?) and strained it some. The stiffness I have is probably due to all the swelling in my knee. I really didn’t realize how swollen it was until I was at the doctor’s today and she compared my two knees. There was quite a difference! She prescribed an anti-inflammatory and cautioned me to go easier on my knee for the next few weeks. So friends, sorry you won’t be able to read about my nearly dying doing C25K for awhile. I will be walking five days a week at a pace slower than I am used to and then gradually working up to my full speed before going back to a modified C25K. I am okay with that! We have until June to train for The Color Run.

Does anybody have any tips for really easing into jogging? I think I will need to modify C25K to be even easier than the first week is. And if you have gone from being completely out of shape to being fit, please leave your tips for starting exercise below. Thanks!

And one other piece of good news/random thought… I may have to go weigh at my doctor’s office every week. I was 8 pounds lighter there than my starting weight! I didn’t go to the gym today, so I will have to compare tomorrow.

I must say I started to panic a little before my appointment today. I was so concerned she would say no walking or tell me I needed to see an orthopedic specialist or that surgery was a possibility. I want to accomplished and achieve my goals so much right now that news like that would have devastating! This is still so fresh that I don’t feel like it will take much for me to fall off the bandwagon and back into habits (I guess they would still be habits since I have only done this for a week, but habits I am trying to break) I had not so long ago. I am grateful I have each and every one of you for support!

So while this may a little step back I have so much to be proud of right now. I have made it through week one of my New Year’s resolution and I am still able to exercise with this injury. It was a good day.

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