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Week 1/52! I love me a good deal!

I am starting my first week of my 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge tomorrow.  Yesterday I blogged about my goals and I am proud to announce I have already accomplished one goal!  Now how often can anybody say that they achieved their first goal on their road to weight loss before they even actually started their first week?  Not very often!  My husband and I just got our first smart phones! As I said in my Goals post, I always thought of smart phones as luxuries until recently.  It’s becoming more apparent every day that these are going to be a permanent part of our lives.  There’s an app for everything!  But anyway, back to my story.  The last few days we’ve been looking at new phones (we’re due for an upgrade, which is a very helpful bonus) and had a few in mind, but needed a good – no… great – sale.  Target to the rescue!  I opened up the Target ad today to see that the phone my husband had his eye on wasn’t just on sale, it was FREE! when you renewed your contract.  Hot diggity dog!  A FREE smart phone?  It wasn’t too good to be true.  We walked out of Target with matching phones (awww… isn’t that sweet) and all we paid for was a cover for mine so we could tell them apart.  Our plan had to change a little (a little more money), but all in all it was an awesome deal!!!!  I love me a good deal!

Now excuse me while I download some apps!  Please post your recommendations in the comments.


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One thought on “Week 1/52! I love me a good deal!

  1. Corrina on said:

    Nook and Artix Pix. Also, the weather channel app. Love it being handy like that!

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