Workin' It Out

Melting Away & Finding Myself


My dad and his wife have been following a pretty healthy lifestyle since my dad experienced some cardiovascular health issues a couple of years ago.  They have been making protein shakes most days of the week for awhile and I finally got the recipe.  My husband and I tried one this morning and it was delish!  Here’s the super easy steps – into your blender add:

One cup of skim milk

Two scoops of protein powder (we bought the chocolate flavor)

One 6 oz. container fat free yogurt (we did Very Cherry this morning)

And add a handful of frozen fruit. We used cherries.  I forgot to take a picture of it in the blender, but I am sure you can imagine frozen fruit in a blender!

Then blend her up and voila! Protein Shake!

 These ingredients made two 8 oz shakes.  According to My Fitness Pal, they were approximately 275 calories each.  We both thought it was pretty good and more filling than my regular bowl of Cheerios.   To make things easier for the morning, last night I put everything in the blender but the frozen fruit.  That worked alright, but the protein powder sort of cemented itself to the sides of the blender.  Tonight I just have the milk & yogurt in the blender in the fridge.   Tomorrow’s flavor is White Chocolate Strawberry yogurt with frozen strawberries, plus the chocolate protein powder…mmmm.  I’m looking forward to trying a lot of flavor combinations!

Hope you try some too!  Post your favorites in the comments below!


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