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I hate running!

I did my first workout today in nearly three weeks and it was not pretty!  I decided I would start my Couch to 5K (C25K) training program today and that may not have been a smart way to restart my workouts.  Five minutes of brisk walking and then commenced the dying… have I mentioned  I hate running?  It was like that first workout the contestants on the Biggest Loser go through, minus Bob Harper.  I am pretty sure Bob would have been in my face encouraging (yelling at) me to keep going.  I started thinking I probably should locate the nearest trash can in case I threw up.  Then I started wondering if I had a heart attack and fell off the treadmill would any of the other gym goers actually go get the AED and try to resuscitate me.  Like I said, not pretty.  And did say I ended up throwing my (new!) phone across the gym (accidentally of course), but that was almost enough to trigger another cardiovascular event. No worries, the goal achieving smart phone is a-ok, but my husband has promised to order me one of those armband phone holder thingies.

I did make it through my workout, however instead of completing 8 intervals, I completed 4.  I walked/ran a total of 45 minutes and in the end felt really good that I did any amount of running.  I’m going to try again on Wednesday with a few modifications.  If you’re unfamiliar with C25K, the first week you run 60 seconds, then walk 90 seconds and alternate for a total of 8 intervals.  I think there should be an even “dumber” version of it, which I am going to attempt Wednesday.  I am going to try running 30 seconds and walking 2 minutes.  I may have to stay on week 1 for 3 weeks, but I would rather do that than dread every workout.  Some of my friends who are a little bit more “run savvy” than I, gently suggested that maybe I am running too fast.  They could be right.  The only time I run is when I have to – like away from burning buildings, so I’ve never measured how fast I run.  I had the treadmill on 5 mph today – too high for a beginner?  Any other tips for a beginning runner?


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One thought on “I hate running!

  1. Annie Yates on said:

    Amen Sister! I almost died on the first day of C25K. I made the mistake of doing it outside in the neighborhood, with my super healthy husband, who LOVES to run. He was my “Bob Harper”. There were tears, and anger, and more tears, and I may have even cursed at him A LOT, but I survived it. I even pushed myself 3 days later to do day 2. (never mind that was 4 months ago, and I have not got past day 2. WHATEVER!) I am doing it again. You have inspired me! (and also, I may have gotten a tad competitive when I read your first few blog posts.) SO, Good luck! Hopefully you have made it thought day 2, no problem. I am going to give day 1 week 1 a try tonight!

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