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A Challenging Day – The first of many I bet.

Yesterday my right knee started hurting on and off in the afternoon. I took some Advil, put my feet up after dinner and was convinced everything would be great today.  Not so much… I got up this morning to work out and could barely bend my knee.  I was basically pulling my leg behind me as I limped down the hallway to the bathroom. I could not imagine making it safely down the stairs to the garage.  I was either going to fall down the stairs or end up stuck when I couldn’t bend my leg.  So I took some more Advil and headed back to bed.  As the day went on, my knee has limbered up and all of my other muscles have started to hurt!  I will be able to go to the gym tomorrow, but we’ll see about the jogging.  I still came out okay in the end, because according to My Fitness Pal, I still have 200 calories to “spend” today, which is about what I would have burned at the gym!

No other fabulous insights from today, but I would love some advice.  On Wednesdays, my work schedule does not allow a lunch break until 1:30.  Since I usually have my breakfast around 7:30, that’s a loooooong time to go before lunch.   I have students non-stop from 9:00-1:30, so I need some healthy options that take virtually no time to eat (instead of my crackers, candy, etc. that I’m usually turning to).  Any suggestions?


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2 thoughts on “A Challenging Day – The first of many I bet.

  1. Corrina on said:

    Buy some healthy nuts or a protein bar of some sort?

  2. Nuts, veggies with hummus, fiber1 bar or fruit (orange segments that are already ready to go or banana or grapes or an apple – I love those apple slices that you can get at costco, but I can’t justify the cost compared to a normal apple

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