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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My knee has slowly been getting better but I was still concerned I may have torn something, so I made an appointment to see my doctor today. Thankfully I had the day off so I didn’t have to take a sick day off for something probably caused by my own stupidity!

It was good news at the doctor! There is nothing seriously wrong with my knee. The doctor suspects I probably overused it (gee, maybe it was that running at 5 mph I did?) and strained it some. The stiffness I have is probably due to all the swelling in my knee. I really didn’t realize how swollen it was until I was at the doctor’s today and she compared my two knees. There was quite a difference! She prescribed an anti-inflammatory and cautioned me to go easier on my knee for the next few weeks. So friends, sorry you won’t be able to read about my nearly dying doing C25K for awhile. I will be walking five days a week at a pace slower than I am used to and then gradually working up to my full speed before going back to a modified C25K. I am okay with that! We have until June to train for The Color Run.

Does anybody have any tips for really easing into jogging? I think I will need to modify C25K to be even easier than the first week is. And if you have gone from being completely out of shape to being fit, please leave your tips for starting exercise below. Thanks!

And one other piece of good news/random thought… I may have to go weigh at my doctor’s office every week. I was 8 pounds lighter there than my starting weight! I didn’t go to the gym today, so I will have to compare tomorrow.

I must say I started to panic a little before my appointment today. I was so concerned she would say no walking or tell me I needed to see an orthopedic specialist or that surgery was a possibility. I want to accomplished and achieve my goals so much right now that news like that would have devastating! This is still so fresh that I don’t feel like it will take much for me to fall off the bandwagon and back into habits (I guess they would still be habits since I have only done this for a week, but habits I am trying to break) I had not so long ago. I am grateful I have each and every one of you for support!

So while this may a little step back I have so much to be proud of right now. I have made it through week one of my New Year’s resolution and I am still able to exercise with this injury. It was a good day.


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