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Big oops, but I have to laugh!

Thank goodness it is early in the week!  I just made a huge oops with my dinner choice.  Because that’s what it is – all about choices!  After entering all of my foods I had eaten thus far today into My Fitness Pal, I had almost half of my calories for the day left!  Woohoo!  I knew we had planned a very light leftovers meal for dinner, but I also knew my husband had been awarded employee of the month today.  I wanted to celebrate. (No lectures please on not celebrating with food, I will tackle that issue a little later in this journey.)  So I texted my husband and asked if he wanted Taco Bell, McDonald’s or Subway for dinner, knowing that I could access their nutrition information online and find a smart choice for dinner.  My hubby texted back that he wanted Taco Bell.  I quickly got on Taco Bell’s website and looked at my choices.  I was thrilled to do the calculations and discover I could eat an entire chalupa meal, diet drink and still have calories leftover.  I wondered how this could be knowing the shells of the chalupa are fried, that there’s beef, cheese & sour cream… but hey, the nutrition facts looked good.  I thought I was making a great choice!  Then when I went to enter this information in My Fitness Pal, the numbers were coming up waaaay different from the nutrition information.  So I went back to Taco Bell’s nutrition information and uh-oh… I looked at the completely wrong information!!!  The numbers in the first column that I thought were calorie numbers were actually the weight of the item!  The second column is the calorie information… ugh… I was seriously off on my calorie count. I can’t help but laugh though because how ridiculous did it seem that a chalupa could be less than 200 calories. Live & learn!!

In better news, my workout went well this morning despite feeling like I was strolling instead of walking.  I could not walk faster than 2.3 mph or my knee let me know it was too fast.  Hoping in a couple of days I can walk maybe 2.4 or 2.5.  Baby steps… literally.


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