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Rewarding Myself

For the last few days I have been contemplating rewards I can give myself when I achieve a short-term goals. I am trying hard to avoid anything food related, but I am really struggling. Not so much to come up with anything non-food, but to think of something inspiring and motivating. I have thought of a few, so I need to get them down on… paper… so to speak.

Updated 1-22-12 (Modified with some ideas per my good friend Gretchen)

Here’s what I have so far:
10 lbs. pedicure – my tootsies have been working hard so they need some pampering!
15 lbs. new piece of workout clothing
20 lbs. date night with my hubby – dinner along with something active like bowling
25 lbs. new workout shoes
30 lbs. new outfit for work
35 lbs. mani-pedi
40 lbs. new hairstyle or color/highlights
45 lbs. spa day – massage, facial, pedi (aka THE WORKS)
52 lbs. facial laser hair removal!

As you can tell, there are some big gaps in my reward system. Please help me out and leave your reward suggestions below in the comments. If I use one of your suggestions you win the satisfaction of knowing you helped me out! Hahaha…. Or you can come workout with me!

I am always open to more suggestions, so let me know your thoughts!


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