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Watchin’ my Progress

I found a fantabulous idea on Pinterest the other day to track your weight loss progress.  I loved the idea so much I went out today and bought the materials I needed to make it.  It was so easy!

Materials needed:

2 matching vases (I ended up buying ones bigger than I needed, but didn’t want to go through returning them, so I just modified my plan)

Marbles/gems in various colors

Stick on scrapbook letters

Using the stick-on scrapbook letters, label one vase “Pounds to Go” and the other “Pounds Lost”.  Fill your “Pounds to Go” vase with your gems.  Then as you lose weight, move a marble per pound over to the “Pounds Lost” vase.

My vases were much larger than I realized, so after I put in a marble to represent each pound I would lose, the vase was hardly filled. I finally figured out to make it visually interesting, I would have to fill it with four times as many marbles as pounds I have to lose.  Then I would move four marbles over for every pound lost.  I love seeing that the bottom of “Pounds Lost” is already covered!


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