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Week 2/52: Goals Check-in

At the end of each week, for my accountability I am going to check on the progress of my goals.  Let’s see how this week went:

  • Log my food & exercise. CHECK! Using My Fitness Pal, I have logged in everyday since starting my journey!  I had two days over my calorie goal of 1410 calories/day – one day by THREE whole calories (geez, Louise!) and the other day you just have to read about here. All other days have been at or just below the goal.  If you use My Fitness Pal, please add me (dizzymomma) as a friend so we can pump each other up!   
  • Follow my E-mealz Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! I really didn’t even have to cook much this week.  We had several meals of leftovers from the previous week’s E-Mealz that I only had to cook a few nights. Tonight’s dinner was especially yummy and easy!  I would highly suggest checking out some of the Hormel pork tenderloins that come packaged in marinade (I didn’t check, but I imagine the sodium is probably a little on the high side, so a word of warning if you are watching sodium).  45 minutes at 350 and yummmmmm.  We had sugar snap peas and a warm cranberry-apple salad on the side… sing it with me: Soooo good!  BTW, if you do not yet subscribe to E-mealz, check out their numerous plan options.  I am not a paid endorser: their service truly is fabulous!
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar.  Nope, I’m starting this in February.  But I do need to do some thinking about a good way to go about this.  I’m thinking of just eliminating added/unnecessary sugars – such as pop, sprinkled on sugar, etc.  I have a good friend who also did this for two months I believe.  I will contact her this week for advice and how to start.
  • Exercise 5 days a week.  Well, let me update you on my knee… first, you can read about my doctor’s appointment Monday.  Since Monday I have had much increased flexibility in my knee.  Pain comes and goes, but since the doctor did say I probably strained it I am sure the ligaments or muscles or whatever I strained are still healing.  I have managed to get the treadmill all the way up to 2.5 without feeling discomfort, so hoping to nudge it closer to 3.0 mph by the end of this week.  I did not exercise this weekend, so I managed to exercise 4 days this week.  Saturday I had intentions of exercising, but we were supposed to have a new hot water heater installed.  I did not want to be hanging around the house with my little boy for this fun, so we headed out to do our weekly errand running.  So at least I wasn’t sitting on my booty doing nothing. And did the hot water heater get installed?? Nope… tomorrow (3rd time’s a charm!)
  • Participate in a 5K. Nope – I’ll have to wait until May/June to accomplish this one!  When I went to the gym on Friday I learned about another 5K being offered at the end of March in my area.  There’s the option to participate in a 2 mile walk instead of a 5K, so I will see where I am in my 5K training when the registration deadline gets closer before I decide.  Either way I am going to participate!
  • Get more sleep.  Fail – My goal is in bed by 10:00 pm.  I still cannot get there by 10:00!  I am usually in bed by 10:30, but I am now wrapped up in The Help. (Have you read this book?  It is so good!  I want to finish reading it so I can see the movie.) Which means I am not actually turning off the light to sleep until 11:00.  5:00 a.m. gets here way too soon!
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight.  CHECK!!  I have blogged several times this week.  Hope you have been following!
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks.  ON MY WAY!! I was super excited when I weighed in on Tuesday at the gym that I had lost EIGHT pounds in my first week!  I am not going to expect that large of a number every week, but hope for about 2 pounds this week and then about 1 a week after that.  So, eight down, 44 to go!!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?


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