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I have decided to type up a post to keep myself from eating. I have a few calories left for today according to My Fitness Pal, but all I want to eat is junk! And I am sure I don’t have enough calories left for junk. I mean I actually told my husband earlier that I wanted to jump in a big vat of chocolate and eat my way out… I don’t usually get that extreme, but these cravings seem to happen about this time every night. I have stuck to my plan for eating all day, drank all my water, exercised, but then I get on my phone or the computer and there are everybody’s damn pins on Pinterest staring me in the face…. Fried chicken to die for, the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, 100 different ways to make treats with brownies, cake ideas, etc…. And suddenly I have never been more hungry or dying for sweets in my whole life!! I get this tingling on my tongue; sometimes I swear I can actually smell whatever yummy goddness is being pinned and what I feel like is actual genuine hunger. Am I really hungry? Or am I sugar addicted? I know I could go through and unfollow these friends pinboards, but I feel like I should be able to overcome these cravings. I mean someday I’m going to be able to enjoy these foods without worrying about going over a calorie goal, so I can’t just ignore these recipes, right? Ugh… What’s a chocolate craving girl to do??

What do you do to overcome cravings?


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One thought on “Cravings!

  1. Maj-Brit on said:

    Know the feeling. I have been working hard the past 3 month to change my life around. The cravins only last the first couple of weeks, then you kind of get over the need for suger and then off couse you need loads of willpower.
    I started about 3 months ago, met with the most amazing PT at the gym – he makes sure that i get the right exicise and weight training and then I dance zumba, it is the most fun and the music is just great, i’m always in a good mood after dancing Zumba.
    I have lost 13 kg which is about 28 pounds and i tell you I feel pretty good about it. I still have a long way to go.
    I will keep reading your blog and if you have any questions, just ask.
    Take care and keep up the good work.
    Lots of greetings from you danish cousin 🙂

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