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Frustrating week! …and it’s only Monday!

Tonight I was planning to update my progress on my goals because last week was a great week and I am excited to share my progress. My house has other ideas! My husband and I have been battling plumbing problems often since we moved into our house seven years ago and today we hit the jackpot. After I got dressed to go workout this morning, I ran downstairs to move the clothes to the dryer from the washer since we did a load before bed last night. That’s when I stepped in a puddle of water… Joy! I ran upstairs and woke my husband up. In a few minutes we were able to figure out that the drain in our basement bathroom popped its plug (we don’t use it and had it plugged after other plumbing problems) and leaked water across our laundry room and into the living area of our basement. Thankfully, most of our belongings were already in plastic containers, so we didn’t have much damage. Our flooring wasn’t even affected. We spent the day cleaning up our basement… and then the flood happened again when I washed dishes while my husand gave our son a bath. We are exhausted and worried about the moolah we will be shelling out to have our drainage fixed!! So I promise my update is coming and I have lots of good news to share, but I just don’t have the energy at the moment.

Here’s to a better Tuesday!


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2 thoughts on “Frustrating week! …and it’s only Monday!

  1. Rachel on said:

    Yuck sorry to hear that!! What a frustrating start to the week. Hoping you have a better week from this point!

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