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Week 4/52: Goals Check-in

I have been on this journey for an entire month now!  I have lost 13.8 pounds! I must be doing something right, so let’s check in on this past week (Sorry things have been a little delayed, which you can read about here.):

  • Log my food & exercise. CHECK! I think all days last week were below my calorie goal, even with the Super Bowl and some meals out. If you use My Fitness Pal, please add me (dizzymomma) as a friend so we can keep each other motivated!
  • Follow my E-mealz Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! I continue to be impressed with the variety of recipes offered by e-mealz.  Even my toddler likes most things, although Monday night he declared, “don’t yike it!” when we had shrimp (although he’s eaten it several times before). This week I’m looking forward to making a barbecue chicken pizza for Friday’s dinner. By the way, E-mealz has changed their name to Emeals in case you are looking into subscribing to them (and they are still just $5 per month). They have also started offering a meal plan for Whole Foods market, which I would look into if we had one of those closer.
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar. I’ve had mixed feelings starting this.  Part of me just wants to wait a couple more weeks until Lent starts and just start it then, and part of me wants to just say “forget it” because I’m losing weight steadily and then the other part of me says to just “suck it up now or suck it in later.” For the most part, I do not eat a lot of added sugar.  I’ve been enjoying a lot of fresh and frozen fruit over the last month and drinking very little pop.  If I do drink pop it’s diet, but usually not more than 1-2 a week.  I should probably cut out the frozen yogurt I sometimes eat and the occasional snack size McFlurry, but then I justify those treats with “if I have the calories left for the day, why not?”  What would you do? Advice, please!
  • Exercise 5 days a week. CHECK!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I walked on the treadmill everyday last week.  I managed a few days of interval walking – with maintaining a minute around 3.4 mph and a recovery of a minute and a half at about 2.8.  Sometimes my knee still bothers me and it’s difficult to squat or kneel, but I think I am fairly well recovered!
  • Participate in a 5K. Nope -I tried to register for The Color Run yesterday, but the website still said, “Registration Opens Soon.”  I will be checking daily!
  • Get more sleep. I still may never manage to be in bed before 10:00 p.m., but my morning wake-up seems to be getting easier.  I am usually up about 5:15 a.m. and at the gym by 5:45 a.m.  It’s becoming so automatic now that  I don’t really grumble that much any more!
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight. CHECK!! Hope you have been following! You can follow by e-mail by clicking the link to the left of this post. 
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks. I LOVE MY NEW SCALES!  This sucker is ACCURATE! Both my husband and I weigh 10-12 pounds less on the new scales than we did on the old dial-type scales we had.  If you are in the market for new scales, I highly recommend these! You can read reviews on it at Amazon. The highlights: it was inexpensive, has a digital display to the nearest tenth, only has to be calibrated if you move it (and calibrating is easy as well) and it’s consistent. One of the other fabulous things? According to these scales, I weigh less than my husband. 🙂 Fourteen pounds down, 38 to go!!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?


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