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Love notes

Things have been hairy and now it is less than 48 hours until Valentine’s Day and I have given very little thought as to what to do for my hubby to show how much I care. I have been so wrapped up in my own personal stuff – weight loss stuff, eating healthy stuff, etc.   Then last week we were both wrapped up in the plumbing stuff, that I just “realized” that V-Day is Tuesday.  Oops.

About 6 months ago my husband did something very sweet for me! I had been down in the dumps, feeling “fat”, unworthy of anything, especially a loving husband and I was convinced that nobody and especially he found me pretty.  I am sure I said some unkind words and went to bed in a bad mood, but the next morning I awoke to our bathroom mirror covered in sticky notes. In the middle was a sticky that said, “What makes my wife pretty to me?” And here are all the reasons.  My husband also challenged me to come up with ways I am pretty, but I’ve only thought of one (he took all the easy ones!).

The stickies are still sticking quite well to the mirror and there are some mornings when I read each one and have a bit of a Stuart Smalley moment.

If my husband can do this in one evening, then surely I can do something to show I love him; it might not be a grand gesture, but I do have a few ideas!


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One thought on “Love notes

  1. That’s so sweet. Shaun and I had a similar moment once and he made index cards for me, one in the bathroom, one in my car, I don’t remember where else, but I saved a few of them and smile whenever I see them. This story warmed my heart tonight – so glad we’ve been blessed with such good guys. 🙂

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