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Week 5/52: Goals Check-in

At the end of each week, for my accountability I am going to check on the progress of my goals. Let’s see how this week went:

  • Log my food & exercise. CHECK! I had a couple of days over my calorie goal, but I made sure that I exercised hard the day after and stayed below my weekly calorie goal. I am actually surprised how easy it is to stay within my calorie budget – as long as I exercise! I have been on 1400 calorie diets before and I felt extremely restricted. It would seem like I would run out of calories before dinner, but this has been a completely different experience. This time I have about 1300 calories and it doesn’t seem as difficult. Maybe it’s because I am exercising or because I am actually tracking every bite that goes in my mouth consistently? Overall, I haven’t felt deprived very often – I’m even eating food that tastes good! What a concept!! OH yeah – if you use My Fitness Pal, please add me (dizzymomma) as a friend so we can keep each other accountable!
  • Follow my E-mealz Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! (ok, sort of) This week has been a little nutty with our plumbing issues. So, to avoid having many dishes to wash, one night we got Subway footlongs and ate half one night and half another. Wednesday I went out to eat with my good friend Jacki after we had pedicures. (I had salad, but it was still probably more calories than I would have liked… oh well it was deeeelicious!) But other than that, I’ve been consistently eating home-cooked meals. I am getting very good at measuring and weighing ingredients and portions so that I KNOW what I’m eating.
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar. I’ve decided to start when Lent starts. I will be eliminating the obvious stuff. Candy. Cookies. Brownies. Even though I haven’t officially started this, I have already noticed I am turning down candy when offered, I am opting for diet pop and I have even told my secret pal at work that while I love the treats she leaves me, I have given up sweets. These are little victories that will add up in a big way! I still feel like what I’m doing now is (obviously) working so I don’t want to change it so much that I feel deprived and fall off the wagon.
  • Exercise 5 days a week. I managed four days at the gym and one day at home. That would be the day that I stepped in a puddle of water right before I planned to leave for the gym. I think moving boxes at 6 a.m. qualifies as a workout!
  • Participate in a 5K I would like to participate in the color run, but they still haven’t opened registration!! I a getting a little impatient… Gee, imagine that. Me? Impatient?
  • Get more sleep. I never thought something I enjoy so much would be so hard to do!! I am still having a hard time getting to bed before 10:30, but as I said before, I feel like my eyes open just a little easier in the morning now than they used to.
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight I haven’t posted much this week, but hope you have read a little.
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks. This seems to be going much better than expected. As I mentioned above, my friend Jacki and I got pedicures last week. My pedi was for losing 10 pounds and I had promised her a pedi for her birthday from (I’m embarrassed to say) October. We had a blast getting our toes done, catching up and having a bite to eat! Totally wonderful reward night! href=””>20120215-205529.jpg
    At the end of last week, I was only a little more than a pound away from my 15 pound reward to buy a new piece of exercise clothing. I have met that goal! So now I just need to find the time to go shopping for a new sport bra. After weighing on Monday, I am now just a bit more than a pound away from having lost TWENTY pounds! Twenty pounds has always sounded like it’s so unattainable that I cannot believe in a little more than a month I am nearly there!!! 18.8 pounds down, 33.2 to go!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?


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One thought on “Week 5/52: Goals Check-in

  1. Am I going to recognize you in April???? Keep it up Ash!!!!!

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