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A First Time for Everything!

Tonight I participated in an event for the Dream Factory, which grants dreams to children with medical conditions.  The event was sponsored by my gym and I work with the organizer’s mom.  The organizer had cancer as a child and was granted a Dream.  You can watch more of his story and about the event here. Participants could either do a 5K run or a 2 mile walk.  I opted for the 2 mile walk and it was b-e-a-utiful weather tonight!!

My number! I've never had an athletic number!!

I realized on my way home that I had never participated in an organized athletic event. I don’t mean I had participated in events that were unorganized… I mean I have never played on a team, completed a race or anything athletic.  Wait – does Field Day count?  And this was such a good time.  I walked with one of my good friends, Andrea, & her mom as well as another friend of Andrea’s.  My hubby & the lil’ man were in the stands of the stadium to see the start & finish. The route started at our local high school football stadium, followed a couple of residential roads and looped back to the football stadium.  We chatted the whole time about toddlers, potty training, napping (and lack thereof), weekend plans, fishing boat motors, work, birthday parties and before we knew it, we were done!  Andrea & I crossed the finish line at 35:18!  I was surprised at the emotion I felt coming down the track toward the finish line and seeing my lil’ man’s face light up and cheer for us.  I know he might not remember it, but I will remember how I felt so proud to set a good example for him!  And of course when we were done, we all had to go get ice cream at our local walk-up ice cream stand.  Great ending to a wonderful day!

Andrea, Lil' Man and Me after the walk.


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