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Ok, so I knew today wouldn’t be a fantabulous weigh-in day with 5 pounds gone on the scale. I didn’t even expect to see a one in the hundreds place, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the 3 pound gain. There were no ones anywhere…. Not even in the ones place, which would have been great!   So now it is 4 1/2 days until I blow out the candles on my 32nd birthday cake and I need to lose 6.4 pounds to reach my goal of losing 32 by the time I turn 32. So while I am usually happy go lucky on my blog and all peppy and yay I can do this, I am irritated with myself!

Reasons why:

  • Too many mornings in the last couple of weeks I told myself that I could sleep in a little or skip the gym because I was going to clean house or vacuum or whatever. Argh!
  • I ate ice cream at my conference. Not just one scoop, like a whole pint.  Then the next night that is actually what I had for dinner. Ice cream. And it was delicious and I enjoyed every last bite. I probably won’t do anything like that again for a good long while.
  • Salt! I have noticed just through the way my rings fit and my ankles feel that I must be retaining water, so I’m guessing I’m ingesting too much salt. I should start tracking it on my fitness pal. But I am still drinking a LOT of water. I wonder if you can drink too much and it would cause bloating?
Rant over… Now, I still think it’s possible I could lose close to the 6.4 I need to lose.  My plan this week is to stick to my goals. I will exercise every morning (so far, so good), probably even Saturday to get an extra workout in. I will still follow my meal plan, which is probably lower in sodium anyway than the junk I ate over the weekend. I am going to log all my food, and hopefully only have yummy nutritious things to log. I will try to question the nutritional value and log my foods before I eat them. I will still drink lots of water. I almost always get my 8 glasses in, and sometimes it’s 10-12. I am going to chase my dream of sleeping more.


I do know things are going well, generally.  All of my clothes are loose. I am down to just one pair of jeans I can wear because the others are literally falling off of me. I have two pairs of pants to wear to work, but since I have all summer off, I really don’t want to buy new ones until August, so I just keep putting up with baggy pants. Even my underwear is getting big..haha, for once I’m not too big for my britches!  I even pulled out some t-shirts the other day that used to be too tight across my chest and tummy and they fit much looser.  Three months ago, I was wearing extra large shirts and this weekend, I bought a large. I cannot wait until I can buy medium sized shirts!  And, I even had to go buy a ring snuggie so that my wedding ring won’t fall off!

So, it probably won’t be the end of the world if I don’t lose 6 pounds this week, but it sure would be an awesome birthday present!!  I’ll let you know how I do!


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3 thoughts on “Rant & Rave

  1. Such a crappy feeling, but you are going to be fine. You ARE doing great. If you need a workout buddy or virtul workout buddy to stay accountable in the AM just let me know!

  2. Crisa on said:

    These things happen. Life happens. But the big deal is that you realized your downfalls and you have picked yourself up and have a plan. It sounds like you are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see your success!!!

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