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This post has nothing to do with weight loss, but one of my other loves: Music! Unless you are one of my friends following my blog, you probably don’t know I play(ed) oboe. I haven’t played for nearly a year because I live in the boonies and the orchestra I used to play with is an hour drive by car. I loved playing, but the gas prices and time made it a lot less fun.

In the very recent past, a series of most fortunate events has transpired to bring me to a new band/orchestra! My husband and I started attending a church in a nearby small town and we’ve already become very active. We attend Sunday small groups, I assist in the nursery and then I got roped into the choir. I was hesitant to join (I don’t want to be the fat girl singing in front of the church and do I really have time? blah,blah), but last night I attended my first rehearsal. The choir director welcomed me to the group and one of the other members almost immediateliy blurted out… “I heard you play oboe!” me: “yeeeees?” Choir member: “I play in the local community band and we need an oboe and we rehearse on Sunday and do you want to play too?” me: “I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ITTY BITTY TOWN HAD A COMMUNITY BAND, YES I WANT TO PLAY!” And by the power of email, in less than 2 hours after choir rehearsal was over, I was a member of the band! I am so excited!!


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2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Jacki on said:

    Wow, Girl….we need to talk!! SO much excitement and I had no idea!! Pedi’s soon??? 🙂

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