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Summer Plans

Hahaha… gotcha – you thought I was going to write about some vacation to an exotic paradise, didn’t you?  Reminder: I’m an educator with a toddler – exotic vacay ain’t happenin’ any time soon!  The summer plans I’m referring to are summer fitness/eating plans!  I thrive on structure, organization, routine, etc. I’m slightly type A. When I’m home alone or without structure, all eating and fitness plans quickly fly out the window, so I’m going to write the plans down here and you guys will keep me in check!

  • First, I want to read New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I’ve been reading all about it on MyFitnessPal, and I like the principles of it, so I want my own copy of the book and get all the info straight from the authors.
  • I’m going to “pack” my lunch everyday.  Literally I think I will prep, package and place all my food for the next day in a lunch box and keep it in the fridge.  I’m thinking this will keep me from grazing and snacking all day.  Eat from the lunch box and nothing else – except maybe the fruit & veggies drawer.
  • Workout – in the morning just like it was a work day. I do love my sleeping in, but maybe I can use naptime for a little extra snooze.
  • I’ll easily continue to log my food and exercise.  It’s such a habit for me now.

Do any of you have tips for keeping on track in an un/less structured environment??



Oh my – I have no idea what week I’m on here in my weight loss journey!  The end of the school year was nuts, but it’s over, so hopefully I will have more time to blog.  Here’s what I can tell you:

  • I still haven’t lost the holy grail 4 pounds (to have made 32 lbs. by 32 years) I am looking for… stuck, stuck, stuck…
  • But stuck right over the border in one-derland!
  • I need to eat more!  Fitbit tells me I average about 2380 calories burned per day (that includes sleeping, exercising, working, sitting on my butt – everything), so I should be eating about 2000 calories per day to feed my body what it needs without letting it think it’s starving.  I know this isn’t a popular way of thinking, but read about it & consider it a path for you! Most of my “dieting” friends are doing extraordinary amounts of exercise and eating so little that I wonder how they even make it through the day!  We are all in such a hurry to lose the weight and get on with our lives, but do we really need to be in such a hurry?  I’m not saying I’m enjoying looking at the fat lady in the mirror, but I do enjoy a little more freedom with my calories.  And shouldn’t this be a lifestyle change? This can’t be a temporary eating change that we’ll all dump when we hit our goal.  Because then wouldn’t I end up just looking at a fat person in the mirror again? Hmmm… Maybe I will need to revamp this site so that it’s not so focused on the pounds, or just forget my blog title and continue to do what may work for me.  I say “may” because I haven’t given this “eating more” thing enough of a chance.  I did it for about 2 weeks, freaked out when I hadn’t lost anything and then cut my calories again and guess what? Huh… I still haven’t lost anything (well, I have, but I know I personally have an expectation of a certain number of pounds gone to say that I “have lost something”).  So what do I really have to lose? Literally, 24  more pounds before the end of the year.  But to answer figuratively, I have nothing to lose! I want to gain strength through weight training, confidence through new muscles being found, energy to play with my little man, new recipes to skinnify and then not feel guilty if I eat an extra portion. Wow, that was a long bullet…
  • I have to stop being so competitive.  My friend has lost nearly double what I have while I have danced around the 28-29 pounds lost mark and it’s driving me crazy!!  Dear Me, Please read above bullet point and then stop with the competitiveness!!!!  Love, Me  P.S. You WILL love yourself more in the long run if you stop worrying about the scale!

What I Made Monday

My husband made dinner for my mom and me tonight in honor of Mother’s Day. I hardly had to lift a finger…. Except to eat it!


He grilled marinated chicken, baked baby red potatoes and corn on the cob. So yummy!!

Thanks for cooking babe!

Non-scale victories

I’m getting a little frustrated with the scale, so let’s focus on non-scale progress!

  • My knee has healed and I can walk at an incline of 6 or more without pain
  • My heart rate returns to normal much quicker and it takes a lot more speed and incline to make it skyrocket off the monitor on the treadmill
  • I can go on the elliptical for 30 minutes without thinking I’m going to die. Next up, tackle the torture machine next to it! It looks like an elliptical, but it’s different somehow…you almost have to jump on the pedals to make it start to move, and if I slow down to breathe, I have to jump on it again to restart it… It’s hard!
  • The stairs at work seem a lot easier now than in August. Sometimes I catch myself doing two at a time!
  • I can work all the lower body machines with at least 70 pounds of weight on them. And on some of them I can push as much as 100 pounds.
  • I can take off all of my pants, shorts and capris without unbuttoning or unzipping them. (makes pit stops faster, lol) They are all size 16 or 18, so I’m guessing I’m a size 14?!?
  • My shirts are definitely looser around my arms, chest and stomach. I’m claustrophobic and cannot stand tight shirts. The other day, I even donated some shirts that I wore in January but could now classify as “way toooooo big” or “pajama shirts,” but I don’t need more pajama shirts.
  • My skin is clearer from the 14 or so glasses of water I drink every day
  • 5-19-12: I can now fit a tshirt my Mon bought me in Italy FIVE years ago. I’m wearing it for the first time today!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll add more when I think of them!
Please add your own non-scale victory! I love reading others’ victories; they are so inspiring!

Week 17/52: Goals Check-in

Week 17 brought my new diet into play, MUSIC and the last of my birthday celebrating!  Busy, but good week!  I promise I will tell you about the new diet, just give me time.

  • Log my food & exercise. Check! I learned from my fitbit that I burn about 2300 calories (on average) per day.  I find it really interesting that even though it resets itself at midnight, when I wake up at 5:00 a.m., I have already burned about 350 calories – just laying in bed!  It has really put what I learned about BMR and TDEE in the front of my mind.  It’s  making so much more sense that I cannot eat just 1200 calories a day – if I can burn nearly a quarter of that just laying in bed for 5 hours.  I must feed myself to keep my body happy and satisfied with dropping some weight.  If you use My Fitness Pal, there is an excellent group called Eating More to Weigh Less.  I would encourage you to check them out.  The ladies that moderate the group give excellent advice, ideas & support. I would love to add you as a friend on MFP so we can keep each other motivated – look me (dizzymomma) up by clicking on the “Community” tab and then “Find Members.”
  • Follow my Emeals Portion Controlled plan. CHECK!  I had to make quite a few modifications this week to make it fit my new eating plan, but everything was still yummy & the whole family enjoyed it! We went out to eat for the last of my birthday celebrations on Sunday, where I completely  enjoyed an ooey-gooey cheesey enchilada (and a half).  So yummy, so worth the calories.
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar. My new way of eating is going to make this a reality!
  • Exercise 5 days a week. Eh – only 3 days.  One morning I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of bed and then the next day apparently I didn’t even set my alarm, so by the time I woke up it was the time I would have gotten back from the gym – whoops!  But Friday I worked out in the morning, ran around (ok, not literally) work like a mad woman and then mowed the grass – I was pooped after that!
  • Get more sleep. Hmmm… except for that forgetting-to-set-my-alarm morning, I haven’t gotten much more sleep.
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight. Still way behind!  But never fear – 6 more days until summer vaca!  Then you’ll get sick of me! At least until my summer job starts…
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks. AAAARGH! At this point, I’d be happy with 30!  Do you hear me, Me?  I just want to see that 30 pounds lost badge appear on my blog – come on!! I’m getting so impatient!!! (if you couldn’t tell)

And for the music part of my week?  Well, I finally got to check out the new community band and for a small fledgling organization, the group sounds really good.  Unfortunately I couldn’t play at their first concert because I was playing in another, but I heard great reviews!  The concert I played in was an alumni concert for the group I played in in high school.  I must tell you, these high school musicians are so talented.  Absolutely amazing – it was an honor to be allowed to play with them.

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?

Week 16/52: Goals Check-in

I am way behind!  I’m halfway through week 18, and I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about weeks 16 or 17!  I feel like a lot of changes have happened since I last wrote.  In a nutshell, I still haven’t reached that magic 32 pounds lost; I’m trying a new diet (read: a new way of eating, not a fad diet); I got an awesome birthday present; and I’m feeling more self-confident every day (reminder – this is how I felt during week 16).

  • Log my food & exercise. Check!  And I have a new “toy” to help keep me in line.  Meet the Fitbit!  I had heard things about it here and there and then when I was at my conference a few weeks ago, a lady behind me was talking about how great her fitbit is, so I just butted right on into her conversation and asked her all about it.  Then I texted my hubby and said, “if you still need a bday idea for me, how about a fitbit?”  I’m still learning to use it and the website it syncs to has all sort of tools, but probably the greatest thing is that you can link it to MyFitnessPal (and other similar websites), so they talk to each other and if I’ve had a particularly active day, my Fitbit will tell MyFitnessPal to let me have some extra calories!  If you use My Fitness Pal, I would love to add you as a friend so we can keep each other motivated – look me (dizzymomma) up by clicking on the “Community” tab and then “Find Members.”
  • Follow my Emeals Portion Controlled plan. CHECK! I know I haven’t posted any “What I Made Monday” recipes lately, but we’ve been enjoying yummy food.  I’m really looking forward to vacation to cook more!
  • Eliminate my addiction to sugar. My new way of eating is going to make this a reality!
  • Exercise 5 days a week. ALMOST – I made it 4 days.  I will explain more later, but  I was in a lot of pain.  Like, this-is-all-I-can-do-to-get-up-and-pretend-I-feel-good-at-work pain and popping 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours. So I decided not to work out that morning.
  • Get more sleep. Yeah – my awesome lil’ Fitbit even tracks my sleep! It informs me that I sleep just about 6 hours a night – but get this – I hardly wake up, so once I’m out (according to FitBit, it takes me about 5 minutes to fall asleep), I usually stay asleep, so I am 99% sleep effiicient!  Yay for efficiency, but let’s bump up the duration to 8 hours!!
  • Blog on my progress of my goals and post my weight. As mentioned above, I am so behind!!
  • Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks. This is the holy grail. Lately it’s two steps forward, one step back.  I’m still hovering on the border to onederland.  It’s like the border patrol can’t figure out if I’m a legal resident, so they are keeping me in a holding cell until I can prove I deserve residency in onederland!  Someday I will push through and kiss my old homeland goodbye!!

Now time for my friends to check in! How has your week been? Have you accomplished any goals?

I haven’t forgotten you!

I promise to update you all soon on my progress; it’s a very busy time at work.


I’m smiling because there are only 10 more school days until vacation! And that means more time with family, more time to exercise and more time to explore healthy recipes! And more time to blog about it!

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