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Summer Plans

Hahaha… gotcha – you thought I was going to write about some vacation to an exotic paradise, didn’t you?  Reminder: I’m an educator with a toddler – exotic vacay ain’t happenin’ any time soon!  The summer plans I’m referring to are summer fitness/eating plans!  I thrive on structure, organization, routine, etc. I’m slightly type A. When I’m home alone or without structure, all eating and fitness plans quickly fly out the window, so I’m going to write the plans down here and you guys will keep me in check!

  • First, I want to read New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I’ve been reading all about it on MyFitnessPal, and I like the principles of it, so I want my own copy of the book and get all the info straight from the authors.
  • I’m going to “pack” my lunch everyday.  Literally I think I will prep, package and place all my food for the next day in a lunch box and keep it in the fridge.  I’m thinking this will keep me from grazing and snacking all day.  Eat from the lunch box and nothing else – except maybe the fruit & veggies drawer.
  • Workout – in the morning just like it was a work day. I do love my sleeping in, but maybe I can use naptime for a little extra snooze.
  • I’ll easily continue to log my food and exercise.  It’s such a habit for me now.

Do any of you have tips for keeping on track in an un/less structured environment??


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2 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Corrina on said:

    Well, that’s a really good question Ashley! I know that for the kids this year I have started a $1 and $5 snack box. They have to “pay” me to get a snack and only get one $1 and one $5 for each day of the week. Fruits and veggies are free, so we are trying to encourage them to eat that. We have agreed as a family to only have one eat out lunch per week, one luncheable and the other 3 days I will make a homeade lunch. As for me, I tend to drink way LESS soda during the summer just because I don’t buy it at the store and there isn’t a soda machine insight at my house. I am pinning salad recipes like crazy in hopes that I make better food for lunches for myself during the summer. We are also very active in the summer, so I definitely get my exercise in!

    • I like the idea of paying for snacks – maybe I need to set myself up with a snack box that I have to pay for because that’s where I get myself in trouble! We hardly even keep soda in the house anymore. Occasionally it hangs out in the garage fridge, which makes it a lot harder to drink. Thanks for the tips!

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