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Random Thoughts

Since it’s been so long since I’ve updated my goals & things on here, I thought I would indulge you in my random thoughts today:

  • Making beans for recipes from dried beans instead of using canned is not as difficult as I thought!  Not to mention much cheaper and without extra salt and preservatives.  Try it sometime!
  • We tried a new protein powder this week: I was not impressed.  I won’t give the brand, but hubby & I did not like it.  I guess I’m used to protein powders that have a little sweetness added.  This did not and I didn’t realize it.  What a shock on that first sip!
  • I love the weather in Kansas City right now. I really should be mowing the grass…  I really should be doing a lot of things. My to do list is so long.
  • Prayers really do get answered! I work with a lady battling breast cancer and today she received some wonderful news which can only be called a miracle.  I will keep praying for her!
  • Working out is much easier when I’m in a routine to go in the morning, but I can also work out for much longer when I go in the afternoon.
  • High school football players lifting weights intimidate me.
  • Monday was just not a good work out day. I had a headache, my clothes felt too small and the above mentioned high schoolers were also at the gym.  I warmed up, did a quick circuit of the lower body weight machines and then used the elliptical the rest of the time. Just wasn’t feeling it.
  • Anybody have any toddler potty training tips?
  • I finally lost a pound this week!  And guess what?? I upped my calories again. It’s not the intuitive thing, but it works for me!
  • I really dislike road construction! Particularly on my route to work.
  • I’m going to be making homemade granola bars soon – stay tuned!

Next week I will begin updating you again on my week-by-week progress. Measurements to be updated soon!


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