Workin' It Out

Melting Away & Finding Myself


You know how I posted about re-starting, doing better, etc… like two months ago??  Welllllll…. it ain’t been happenin’.

I have exercised ONE day since the Color Run and then I just kinda hit a wall. It’s been about 183 degrees here everyday except a few, so I don’t care the gym is an indoor air-conditioned gym.  That’s dang hot.  I know…. it’s just an excuse.  Suck. It. UP.


I have a better one.

It’s tiny, but it’s turned my physical well-being a bit upside-down……

A baby.

Yep, I’m pregnant!

We had decided to try for another baby soon, but had no idea things would work so quickly!  With lil’ man it took us several agonizing months to get pregnant.  So I thought I would continue to lose weight and probably lose another 5-10 pounds before I was pregnant with #2.  Nope.  So while I’m not where I had planned to be numbers wise, I’m still about 30 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with lil’ man and that has to be great for this go-round!

This baby is due March 2nd, 2013, which is just seven short months from tomorrow.  Anybody have a brown paper bag I can breathe into???  I will more than likely have a c-section since lil’ man was, so that really pushes my due date up by a week – ack!  We have already had a sonogram, which is such a stress reliever – we were even able to see the heart flutter on the screen.  I am also excited that, even with a vacation, virtually no exercise and weird diet (I detest chicken &  peanut butter right now) I have only gained about 1.5 pounds.  Once I am feeling less queasy and exhausted, I’m jumping back onto the treadmill and getting into a good walking routine.

So friends, if you follow this for all the inspirational deep thoughts on weight loss or my progress on losing 52 pounds in 52 weeks, that part of the blog will be on hiatus for probably close to a year.  If you enjoy reading What I Made Monday, you may have to wait another month or so until I feel like cooking (i.e. less nauseous).  What I do have planned is to focus on a healthy pregnancy (that includes indulging in cravings, thank you!) and low-impact exercise as well as plenty of bragging and sonogram pictures.

Anything new & exciting in my readers lives??


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One thought on “Well…

  1. Corrina on said:

    We are so excited for you guys!!! Check out the brownie recipe I pinned on Pinterest….at least you know the ingredients that are in it : ) Also, the 5 crockpot recipes that you can make ahead of time were really easy…stay clear of the chicken though (I made Mike do all the cooking in the early stages bc I couldn’t handle it)!

    As for goals…I am in week 3 of marathon training…AND I completed 6 miles last Saturday which is the furthest I’ve ever run/walked in my life!

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