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What an Appointment!

I had my 20-week doctor’s appointment today. According to them, I’ve gained about 10 pounds (I’ll go with that, my calculations are higher, so I like theirs better!).  After I was weighed, we followed the nice nurse lady back to the exam room and got my blood pressure checked (way lower than I expected considering it’s been a stressful week) and got to hear the heartbeat.  I never get tired of hearing that.  I think it’s my favorite sound in the world.  By the way, if you like to play old wives’ tales games, the heartbeat was 158 which is “girl range.”

After that the nurse said,”Dr. C will be in to see you soon.”  I said, “Oh, I thought I was seeing Dr. T.”  She said while looking at her papers, “Uhh… no.” I thought nothing of it as I could have been wrong – pregnancy brain. Then after we sat there for what felt like for-ev-er, eager for the sonogram and knowing our son should be picked up from daycare by 5:30 (it’s 4:30 now and a good 45 minute drive home), the nurse comes back… “What was your weight today?”  and I’m thinking “I saw the lady who weighed me write that down…”, but I told her what it was. And then she asked for my birth date, which I told her.  She leaves and 30 seconds later she came back, “what’s your last name?”  Uhhh… really? but I tell her.  My husband and I exchange “what the hell?” looks.  Then 2 seconds later she’s back again, “They gave me the wrong chart.  Get your things and come back to the waiting room.”  Turns out they had another patient with the same first name in at the same time and nobody bothered to ask me which one I was. But the nurse says to me, “Next time be sure to ask them which patient they need before you come back.”  Yeah, because this is my fault??  But most eager for the sonogram, I don’t want to ruin my excitement with an argument with her. Thinking back on this experience though, I plan to call the office manager tomorrow as I didn’t even get so much as a “Sorry for the confusion.”

ANYWAY, thankfully we only had to wait a couple more minutes before they were ready to do the sonogram.  Hubby and I got to see all the baby’s structures.  I am so relieved that everything is great!  Baby’s vital organs, arms, legs and spine are perfect.  We did not find out the gender and don’t plan to until baby is born.

During the sonogram, baby started out all curled up in a ball, face down – or as the sonographer said, “my least favorite position for a baby.”  Grrreat. She did lots of poking on prodding on my belly and then baby perked up and moved all over the place.

I’m always amazed at how well you can see a baby on the screen and I wish it translated into great pictures, too.  Since ours was so wiggly today, some of our pictures were blurry.  Here’s my favorite one:

Baby is laying on his/her side, with the head to the right. You can see s/he waving at us – the hand is just above the head, with the arm trailing to the left.

After the sonogram, we got to go back to an exam room where I did in fact see Dr. T.  According to him, baby is great, momma is great and baby should arrive March 2nd!


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