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Random Thoughts

Since it’s been so long since I’ve updated my goals & things on here, I thought I would indulge you in my random thoughts today:

  • Making beans for recipes from dried beans instead of using canned is not as difficult as I thought!  Not to mention much cheaper and without extra salt and preservatives.  Try it sometime!
  • We tried a new protein powder this week: I was not impressed.  I won’t give the brand, but hubby & I did not like it.  I guess I’m used to protein powders that have a little sweetness added.  This did not and I didn’t realize it.  What a shock on that first sip!
  • I love the weather in Kansas City right now. I really should be mowing the grass…  I really should be doing a lot of things. My to do list is so long.
  • Prayers really do get answered! I work with a lady battling breast cancer and today she received some wonderful news which can only be called a miracle.  I will keep praying for her!
  • Working out is much easier when I’m in a routine to go in the morning, but I can also work out for much longer when I go in the afternoon.
  • High school football players lifting weights intimidate me.
  • Monday was just not a good work out day. I had a headache, my clothes felt too small and the above mentioned high schoolers were also at the gym.  I warmed up, did a quick circuit of the lower body weight machines and then used the elliptical the rest of the time. Just wasn’t feeling it.
  • Anybody have any toddler potty training tips?
  • I finally lost a pound this week!  And guess what?? I upped my calories again. It’s not the intuitive thing, but it works for me!
  • I really dislike road construction! Particularly on my route to work.
  • I’m going to be making homemade granola bars soon – stay tuned!

Next week I will begin updating you again on my week-by-week progress. Measurements to be updated soon!


A Flowchart

In case you’re indecisive like me…



Oh my – I have no idea what week I’m on here in my weight loss journey!  The end of the school year was nuts, but it’s over, so hopefully I will have more time to blog.  Here’s what I can tell you:

  • I still haven’t lost the holy grail 4 pounds (to have made 32 lbs. by 32 years) I am looking for… stuck, stuck, stuck…
  • But stuck right over the border in one-derland!
  • I need to eat more!  Fitbit tells me I average about 2380 calories burned per day (that includes sleeping, exercising, working, sitting on my butt – everything), so I should be eating about 2000 calories per day to feed my body what it needs without letting it think it’s starving.  I know this isn’t a popular way of thinking, but read about it & consider it a path for you! Most of my “dieting” friends are doing extraordinary amounts of exercise and eating so little that I wonder how they even make it through the day!  We are all in such a hurry to lose the weight and get on with our lives, but do we really need to be in such a hurry?  I’m not saying I’m enjoying looking at the fat lady in the mirror, but I do enjoy a little more freedom with my calories.  And shouldn’t this be a lifestyle change? This can’t be a temporary eating change that we’ll all dump when we hit our goal.  Because then wouldn’t I end up just looking at a fat person in the mirror again? Hmmm… Maybe I will need to revamp this site so that it’s not so focused on the pounds, or just forget my blog title and continue to do what may work for me.  I say “may” because I haven’t given this “eating more” thing enough of a chance.  I did it for about 2 weeks, freaked out when I hadn’t lost anything and then cut my calories again and guess what? Huh… I still haven’t lost anything (well, I have, but I know I personally have an expectation of a certain number of pounds gone to say that I “have lost something”).  So what do I really have to lose? Literally, 24  more pounds before the end of the year.  But to answer figuratively, I have nothing to lose! I want to gain strength through weight training, confidence through new muscles being found, energy to play with my little man, new recipes to skinnify and then not feel guilty if I eat an extra portion. Wow, that was a long bullet…
  • I have to stop being so competitive.  My friend has lost nearly double what I have while I have danced around the 28-29 pounds lost mark and it’s driving me crazy!!  Dear Me, Please read above bullet point and then stop with the competitiveness!!!!  Love, Me  P.S. You WILL love yourself more in the long run if you stop worrying about the scale!

Non-scale victories

I’m getting a little frustrated with the scale, so let’s focus on non-scale progress!

  • My knee has healed and I can walk at an incline of 6 or more without pain
  • My heart rate returns to normal much quicker and it takes a lot more speed and incline to make it skyrocket off the monitor on the treadmill
  • I can go on the elliptical for 30 minutes without thinking I’m going to die. Next up, tackle the torture machine next to it! It looks like an elliptical, but it’s different somehow…you almost have to jump on the pedals to make it start to move, and if I slow down to breathe, I have to jump on it again to restart it… It’s hard!
  • The stairs at work seem a lot easier now than in August. Sometimes I catch myself doing two at a time!
  • I can work all the lower body machines with at least 70 pounds of weight on them. And on some of them I can push as much as 100 pounds.
  • I can take off all of my pants, shorts and capris without unbuttoning or unzipping them. (makes pit stops faster, lol) They are all size 16 or 18, so I’m guessing I’m a size 14?!?
  • My shirts are definitely looser around my arms, chest and stomach. I’m claustrophobic and cannot stand tight shirts. The other day, I even donated some shirts that I wore in January but could now classify as “way toooooo big” or “pajama shirts,” but I don’t need more pajama shirts.
  • My skin is clearer from the 14 or so glasses of water I drink every day
  • 5-19-12: I can now fit a tshirt my Mon bought me in Italy FIVE years ago. I’m wearing it for the first time today!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll add more when I think of them!
Please add your own non-scale victory! I love reading others’ victories; they are so inspiring!

I haven’t forgotten you!

I promise to update you all soon on my progress; it’s a very busy time at work.


I’m smiling because there are only 10 more school days until vacation! And that means more time with family, more time to exercise and more time to explore healthy recipes! And more time to blog about it!


I had the best workout this morning!  I wish I could say it was because of the actual exercise.  I used the weight machines to exercise my legs and then I walked on the treadmill at 3.0 varying my incline.  This pace seems so easy now, even with the incline.  But, that wasn’t what made my workout great this morning.

I’m one of the “regulars” at the gym in the morning and most of the time there are another 5-6 regulars I see. Mostly because there is a class that starts at 6, but since I usually have to leave the gym by 6:30, I don’t do the class.  I know I wouldn’t want to leave, the peer pressure would make me finish, and then I’d be extremely late for work!  Anyway, there I was minding my own business, reading a book on my Kindle, listening to the news through my headphones and pouring sweat down my forehead and back (that’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it?) when I see a lady standing just to my left.  She is one of the regulars as well, but I don’t know her name or anything really about her.  So I look over at her, and she says to me, “I just want you to know that what you’re doing is working for you.  I see you in here and not that I’m staring at your butt, but I can tell what you’re doing is really working for you!  Your incline is higher, you don’t hold onto the bars so much and I just thought you should know you’re doing great.”  And then she was gone.  I was teary eyed as she talked to me.  And I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. If I hadn’t been walking and she & I weren’t both dripping with sweat, I would have hugged her.  I beamed as I finished my workout.  It is so nice to have somebody that is not a friend or relative, but maybe has been on the same journey as you to acknowledge the work and changes that are taking place.  I was absolutely shocked and overjoyed at the same time.  By the time I finished working out she was gone, but the bubbling of joy she left in my heart has stayed with me all day.  So while I may not reach my 32-pounds-lost-by-the-time-I’m-32 goal, an unsolicited compliment from a stranger is a pretty damn awesome birthday present!

So I ask you to pay-it-forward: Give somebody a compliment or perform a random act of kindness. You have no idea what wonderful soul lifting you can do!

More About Me

This post has nothing to do with weight loss, but one of my other loves: Music! Unless you are one of my friends following my blog, you probably don’t know I play(ed) oboe. I haven’t played for nearly a year because I live in the boonies and the orchestra I used to play with is an hour drive by car. I loved playing, but the gas prices and time made it a lot less fun.

In the very recent past, a series of most fortunate events has transpired to bring me to a new band/orchestra! My husband and I started attending a church in a nearby small town and we’ve already become very active. We attend Sunday small groups, I assist in the nursery and then I got roped into the choir. I was hesitant to join (I don’t want to be the fat girl singing in front of the church and do I really have time? blah,blah), but last night I attended my first rehearsal. The choir director welcomed me to the group and one of the other members almost immediateliy blurted out… “I heard you play oboe!” me: “yeeeees?” Choir member: “I play in the local community band and we need an oboe and we rehearse on Sunday and do you want to play too?” me: “I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ITTY BITTY TOWN HAD A COMMUNITY BAND, YES I WANT TO PLAY!” And by the power of email, in less than 2 hours after choir rehearsal was over, I was a member of the band! I am so excited!!

Rant & Rave

Ok, so I knew today wouldn’t be a fantabulous weigh-in day with 5 pounds gone on the scale. I didn’t even expect to see a one in the hundreds place, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the 3 pound gain. There were no ones anywhere…. Not even in the ones place, which would have been great!   So now it is 4 1/2 days until I blow out the candles on my 32nd birthday cake and I need to lose 6.4 pounds to reach my goal of losing 32 by the time I turn 32. So while I am usually happy go lucky on my blog and all peppy and yay I can do this, I am irritated with myself!

Reasons why:

  • Too many mornings in the last couple of weeks I told myself that I could sleep in a little or skip the gym because I was going to clean house or vacuum or whatever. Argh!
  • I ate ice cream at my conference. Not just one scoop, like a whole pint.  Then the next night that is actually what I had for dinner. Ice cream. And it was delicious and I enjoyed every last bite. I probably won’t do anything like that again for a good long while.
  • Salt! I have noticed just through the way my rings fit and my ankles feel that I must be retaining water, so I’m guessing I’m ingesting too much salt. I should start tracking it on my fitness pal. But I am still drinking a LOT of water. I wonder if you can drink too much and it would cause bloating?
Rant over… Now, I still think it’s possible I could lose close to the 6.4 I need to lose.  My plan this week is to stick to my goals. I will exercise every morning (so far, so good), probably even Saturday to get an extra workout in. I will still follow my meal plan, which is probably lower in sodium anyway than the junk I ate over the weekend. I am going to log all my food, and hopefully only have yummy nutritious things to log. I will try to question the nutritional value and log my foods before I eat them. I will still drink lots of water. I almost always get my 8 glasses in, and sometimes it’s 10-12. I am going to chase my dream of sleeping more.


I do know things are going well, generally.  All of my clothes are loose. I am down to just one pair of jeans I can wear because the others are literally falling off of me. I have two pairs of pants to wear to work, but since I have all summer off, I really don’t want to buy new ones until August, so I just keep putting up with baggy pants. Even my underwear is getting big..haha, for once I’m not too big for my britches!  I even pulled out some t-shirts the other day that used to be too tight across my chest and tummy and they fit much looser.  Three months ago, I was wearing extra large shirts and this weekend, I bought a large. I cannot wait until I can buy medium sized shirts!  And, I even had to go buy a ring snuggie so that my wedding ring won’t fall off!

So, it probably won’t be the end of the world if I don’t lose 6 pounds this week, but it sure would be an awesome birthday present!!  I’ll let you know how I do!

It Does Exist!

I haven’t been  there for 5-6 years and was beginning to think it was a fictitious place… Or a place reserved for “better” people. What am I talking about?

One-derland. I have seem other friends move there and talk about its greatness. I have so wanted to be there, prayed to be there. Struggled & cried with not being there.

Well, this morning I discovered it is a real place! It does exist. And I am its newest resident!!

I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I LOVE it here!!

Are You Sitting Down for This?

A few weeks ago I was perusing the message boards on My Fitness Pal when I noticed a lady’s success story posted and she talked about what she did while she was losing weight.  In her description she mentioned as she lost weight she increased her calories.  That was the only information she gave and none of the other posters asked her what that was about, but I instantly thought, “What??? How does that work?  We only lose weight by cutting calories! And if it does work, how do I do that?”  And I instantly Googled it, but didn’t really find any information on it.  Then I found myself in the middle of the big “P” and started searching the MFP boards for ways to conquer plateaus.  I kept coming across people discussing their BMR, RMR, TDEE and increasing calories or zig-zagging.  Thankfully they posted links to other boards, blogs and websites and I started learning so much!  I am an educator and I truly love learning new things, so I was hooked on researching.  If I had a spare moment I was reading the boards and other people’s weight loss stories. I decided to try some of the tips I read and it worked!  My plateau is busted.  So let me share, because this has blown my mind!  It excites me to learn new stuff and I hope you learn something too!

First, a little acronym explanation: BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate, RMR = Resting Metabolic Rate and TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure.  Basically, your RMR & BMR are the same thing & mean the calories you would burn if all you did was lay in bed all day. So for example, according the BMR calculator I used, my BMR is 1686.  TDEE accounts for all the activity you do – allllll of it – but you must be honest in reporting how much you exercise.  According to the TDEE calculator I used, my TDEE is 2606.

To know what your weight loss calorie goal should be, subtract 15% from the TDEE.  15% of my TDEE is 390.9 (let’s just say 390).  So my weight loss calorie goal is 2216.  This blows my mind, really – that sounds like a lot of calories!  Now, here is the most important thing I learned: NEVER EAT CALORIES BELOW YOUR BMR.   Our bodies don’t like it!  If your body needs 1600 calories to just lay around all day and you only feed it 1200 calories, it freaks out!  That’s what I was doing.  My MFP goals were set for 1250 calories a day, but my BMR is 1686… no wonder I plateaued.  My body was telling me I needed to eat more food!  However, since I’ve been eating at just 1250 for a month or so, I cannot just pump up my calories to 2200 and think I can lose weight.  I have started slowly increasing my calories.  Last week I increased by 250 to reach 1500 and I’ve lost 3 pounds!  Next week I will increase by another 200 to be at 1700, which will get me right about my BMR.  If you have been way undereating your calories as well, do not be surprised if you do see a slight increase in weight.  Since I have been basically starving myself for over a month, it will take a while for my body to believe that I am actually not going to starve it anymore.  From what I’ve read, it can sometimes take a month for the body to respond. And we all know how patient I am… so the next step of my journey could be interesting!

So I am down 24 pounds now and I would really like to have lost 32 by the time I turn 32.  I have 22 days to lose 8 more pounds! In the past I would have slashed my calories and worked out like mad, but now I am going to concentrate on eating more (how great is that??) and maintaining my current 4-5 day a week exercise habit!

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