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Do Better!

A new quote I spotted at the gym today:


Apparently the gym’s manager wrote this one himself. I like it a lot and really fits my workout I had today, which I will tell you about later!



Found this old fortune cookie fortune in my car tonight when I was cleaning it out .


And yes, as a matter of fact I can!

What’s that? Oh, you’re right, in the background are my “new” jeans (from Christmas) that are almost to big for me. It’s really unfortunate I will be spending this weekend a few miles from an outlet mall!!

Philosophy for Friday


Hmmmm….I don’t know what to think about this. I found it really interesting since party of my blog name is “melting away and finding myself.” Not sure I do know who I and yet, but maybe I’m really just working on melting and creating a better version of myself.

Thoughts? Are you finding or creating yourself?



Seen at the gym this morning.

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