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The Color Run – Kansas City

The Color Run was so much fun!  If you ever have a chance to do this run, DO IT!

I went with 4 other friends from work: Victoria, Ericka, Jennifer & Tami.  We had such a good colorful time.

Our “Before” Picture! Jennifer, Ericka, Me, Victoria, Tami

We got to the Truman Sports Complex about 6:30 a.m. (for a Saturday, this is way too early, but adrenaline kept me going after my poor night’s sleep last night). It was surprising how many people were already there and we enjoyed seeing the crazy outfits and tutus people wore.

We were near the starting line a few minutes after we arrived. The race was to start at 7:30, but it was 7:45 before they counted us down to the start.  We were in the first wave and Jennifer, Ericka & Victoria started running leaving Tami & I in their dust (haha, I wasn’t ready to run right off the bat).  Here’s a map of our run:

Tami & I had a good walk and after a warm up, we finally ran.  I lasted a minute, but it was more than my 10 step minimum, so I can now say I have RUN in a 5K!!!  Maybe if the Color Run comes back to KC next year I will actually be able to run the whole thing.  The weather actually wasn’t too bad and I think we all appreciated the organizers moving the start time up by an hour to help everybody be done before it got terribly hot.  Most of the time there was a nice breeze, too.

The first color zone was yellow, then we passed through orange, blue and pink.  I was surprised how little color was actually on me when we reached the finish line. But then, we entered the festival area with a color toss every 15 minutes! They had a DJ and lots of fun music to dance to.   I definitely got most of my color in the festival area!

We walked back up to our car and got some other Color Runners to take our after picture.

We were a mess! But with some handy baby wipes (thank you twin mommy Ericka!) we were starting to get slightly clean before getting home.

I was actually surprised how well I cleaned up at home.  A little extra scrubbing power in the shower and I am mostly back to normal.  I followed the shower with a little nap and some lunch… I think I’m going to be relaxing a lot the rest of today!

Here are some more fun pictures for you to enjoy!

Victoria’s best side!


Non-scale victories

I’m getting a little frustrated with the scale, so let’s focus on non-scale progress!

  • My knee has healed and I can walk at an incline of 6 or more without pain
  • My heart rate returns to normal much quicker and it takes a lot more speed and incline to make it skyrocket off the monitor on the treadmill
  • I can go on the elliptical for 30 minutes without thinking I’m going to die. Next up, tackle the torture machine next to it! It looks like an elliptical, but it’s different somehow…you almost have to jump on the pedals to make it start to move, and if I slow down to breathe, I have to jump on it again to restart it… It’s hard!
  • The stairs at work seem a lot easier now than in August. Sometimes I catch myself doing two at a time!
  • I can work all the lower body machines with at least 70 pounds of weight on them. And on some of them I can push as much as 100 pounds.
  • I can take off all of my pants, shorts and capris without unbuttoning or unzipping them. (makes pit stops faster, lol) They are all size 16 or 18, so I’m guessing I’m a size 14?!?
  • My shirts are definitely looser around my arms, chest and stomach. I’m claustrophobic and cannot stand tight shirts. The other day, I even donated some shirts that I wore in January but could now classify as “way toooooo big” or “pajama shirts,” but I don’t need more pajama shirts.
  • My skin is clearer from the 14 or so glasses of water I drink every day
  • 5-19-12: I can now fit a tshirt my Mon bought me in Italy FIVE years ago. I’m wearing it for the first time today!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll add more when I think of them!
Please add your own non-scale victory! I love reading others’ victories; they are so inspiring!

Eviction notice!

Dear Skinny Girl That Stole My House in Onederland,
I am back. Consider this your eviction notice. Please pack your bags and vacate the premises immediately! Wait, on second thought leave some of your skinny clothes behind, then leave.


I had the best workout this morning!  I wish I could say it was because of the actual exercise.  I used the weight machines to exercise my legs and then I walked on the treadmill at 3.0 varying my incline.  This pace seems so easy now, even with the incline.  But, that wasn’t what made my workout great this morning.

I’m one of the “regulars” at the gym in the morning and most of the time there are another 5-6 regulars I see. Mostly because there is a class that starts at 6, but since I usually have to leave the gym by 6:30, I don’t do the class.  I know I wouldn’t want to leave, the peer pressure would make me finish, and then I’d be extremely late for work!  Anyway, there I was minding my own business, reading a book on my Kindle, listening to the news through my headphones and pouring sweat down my forehead and back (that’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it?) when I see a lady standing just to my left.  She is one of the regulars as well, but I don’t know her name or anything really about her.  So I look over at her, and she says to me, “I just want you to know that what you’re doing is working for you.  I see you in here and not that I’m staring at your butt, but I can tell what you’re doing is really working for you!  Your incline is higher, you don’t hold onto the bars so much and I just thought you should know you’re doing great.”  And then she was gone.  I was teary eyed as she talked to me.  And I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. If I hadn’t been walking and she & I weren’t both dripping with sweat, I would have hugged her.  I beamed as I finished my workout.  It is so nice to have somebody that is not a friend or relative, but maybe has been on the same journey as you to acknowledge the work and changes that are taking place.  I was absolutely shocked and overjoyed at the same time.  By the time I finished working out she was gone, but the bubbling of joy she left in my heart has stayed with me all day.  So while I may not reach my 32-pounds-lost-by-the-time-I’m-32 goal, an unsolicited compliment from a stranger is a pretty damn awesome birthday present!

So I ask you to pay-it-forward: Give somebody a compliment or perform a random act of kindness. You have no idea what wonderful soul lifting you can do!


Found this old fortune cookie fortune in my car tonight when I was cleaning it out .


And yes, as a matter of fact I can!

What’s that? Oh, you’re right, in the background are my “new” jeans (from Christmas) that are almost to big for me. It’s really unfortunate I will be spending this weekend a few miles from an outlet mall!!

It Does Exist!

I haven’t been  there for 5-6 years and was beginning to think it was a fictitious place… Or a place reserved for “better” people. What am I talking about?

One-derland. I have seem other friends move there and talk about its greatness. I have so wanted to be there, prayed to be there. Struggled & cried with not being there.

Well, this morning I discovered it is a real place! It does exist. And I am its newest resident!!

I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I LOVE it here!!


I read a friend’s Facebook post today that she is down 35 pounds this year. I’m down 25, having shed 3 pounds this month. I am very proud of that number considering I broke my plateau and feel in control again!

I want to hear from you whether you’re a regular follower or not. How many pounds have you lost this year and/or in March?

Are You Sitting Down for This?

A few weeks ago I was perusing the message boards on My Fitness Pal when I noticed a lady’s success story posted and she talked about what she did while she was losing weight.  In her description she mentioned as she lost weight she increased her calories.  That was the only information she gave and none of the other posters asked her what that was about, but I instantly thought, “What??? How does that work?  We only lose weight by cutting calories! And if it does work, how do I do that?”  And I instantly Googled it, but didn’t really find any information on it.  Then I found myself in the middle of the big “P” and started searching the MFP boards for ways to conquer plateaus.  I kept coming across people discussing their BMR, RMR, TDEE and increasing calories or zig-zagging.  Thankfully they posted links to other boards, blogs and websites and I started learning so much!  I am an educator and I truly love learning new things, so I was hooked on researching.  If I had a spare moment I was reading the boards and other people’s weight loss stories. I decided to try some of the tips I read and it worked!  My plateau is busted.  So let me share, because this has blown my mind!  It excites me to learn new stuff and I hope you learn something too!

First, a little acronym explanation: BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate, RMR = Resting Metabolic Rate and TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure.  Basically, your RMR & BMR are the same thing & mean the calories you would burn if all you did was lay in bed all day. So for example, according the BMR calculator I used, my BMR is 1686.  TDEE accounts for all the activity you do – allllll of it – but you must be honest in reporting how much you exercise.  According to the TDEE calculator I used, my TDEE is 2606.

To know what your weight loss calorie goal should be, subtract 15% from the TDEE.  15% of my TDEE is 390.9 (let’s just say 390).  So my weight loss calorie goal is 2216.  This blows my mind, really – that sounds like a lot of calories!  Now, here is the most important thing I learned: NEVER EAT CALORIES BELOW YOUR BMR.   Our bodies don’t like it!  If your body needs 1600 calories to just lay around all day and you only feed it 1200 calories, it freaks out!  That’s what I was doing.  My MFP goals were set for 1250 calories a day, but my BMR is 1686… no wonder I plateaued.  My body was telling me I needed to eat more food!  However, since I’ve been eating at just 1250 for a month or so, I cannot just pump up my calories to 2200 and think I can lose weight.  I have started slowly increasing my calories.  Last week I increased by 250 to reach 1500 and I’ve lost 3 pounds!  Next week I will increase by another 200 to be at 1700, which will get me right about my BMR.  If you have been way undereating your calories as well, do not be surprised if you do see a slight increase in weight.  Since I have been basically starving myself for over a month, it will take a while for my body to believe that I am actually not going to starve it anymore.  From what I’ve read, it can sometimes take a month for the body to respond. And we all know how patient I am… so the next step of my journey could be interesting!

So I am down 24 pounds now and I would really like to have lost 32 by the time I turn 32.  I have 22 days to lose 8 more pounds! In the past I would have slashed my calories and worked out like mad, but now I am going to concentrate on eating more (how great is that??) and maintaining my current 4-5 day a week exercise habit!

A First Time for Everything!

Tonight I participated in an event for the Dream Factory, which grants dreams to children with medical conditions.  The event was sponsored by my gym and I work with the organizer’s mom.  The organizer had cancer as a child and was granted a Dream.  You can watch more of his story and about the event here. Participants could either do a 5K run or a 2 mile walk.  I opted for the 2 mile walk and it was b-e-a-utiful weather tonight!!

My number! I've never had an athletic number!!

I realized on my way home that I had never participated in an organized athletic event. I don’t mean I had participated in events that were unorganized… I mean I have never played on a team, completed a race or anything athletic.  Wait – does Field Day count?  And this was such a good time.  I walked with one of my good friends, Andrea, & her mom as well as another friend of Andrea’s.  My hubby & the lil’ man were in the stands of the stadium to see the start & finish. The route started at our local high school football stadium, followed a couple of residential roads and looped back to the football stadium.  We chatted the whole time about toddlers, potty training, napping (and lack thereof), weekend plans, fishing boat motors, work, birthday parties and before we knew it, we were done!  Andrea & I crossed the finish line at 35:18!  I was surprised at the emotion I felt coming down the track toward the finish line and seeing my lil’ man’s face light up and cheer for us.  I know he might not remember it, but I will remember how I felt so proud to set a good example for him!  And of course when we were done, we all had to go get ice cream at our local walk-up ice cream stand.  Great ending to a wonderful day!

Andrea, Lil' Man and Me after the walk.

Watchin’ my Progress

I found a fantabulous idea on Pinterest the other day to track your weight loss progress.  I loved the idea so much I went out today and bought the materials I needed to make it.  It was so easy!

Materials needed:

2 matching vases (I ended up buying ones bigger than I needed, but didn’t want to go through returning them, so I just modified my plan)

Marbles/gems in various colors

Stick on scrapbook letters

Using the stick-on scrapbook letters, label one vase “Pounds to Go” and the other “Pounds Lost”.  Fill your “Pounds to Go” vase with your gems.  Then as you lose weight, move a marble per pound over to the “Pounds Lost” vase.

My vases were much larger than I realized, so after I put in a marble to represent each pound I would lose, the vase was hardly filled. I finally figured out to make it visually interesting, I would have to fill it with four times as many marbles as pounds I have to lose.  Then I would move four marbles over for every pound lost.  I love seeing that the bottom of “Pounds Lost” is already covered!

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